Joco coffee cups – A Barista’s perspective.

As an owner of an espresso bar, I have seen an increasing use of travel mugs, keep cups, insulated coffee mugs and reusable coffee cups over the last few years. Whatever you call them, the important thing is that you are either using one, or looking for one to purchase.

A Barista’s perspective?

Every day I will encounter a different travel coffee mug. In my role, I often engage with the customer and ask them questions about their individual cup and how they find it. I then like to look at it from a Barista’s perspective in the preparation of the customer’s coffee. From there, I come up with a review that’s combined from a number of sources, not just my own.

Joco Coffee Cups

Today I am looking at the Joco Coffee Cup. This Australian company has been producing their glass cups since 2008. I have seen an increase in the use of this brand over the last few years and thought I would put my customer’s and my thoughts down of this reusable cup.  

What do my customer’s say?

A big tick with my customer’s for the Joco is that every one of their cups is made of glass. They find that their coffee tastes more “pure” coming from the glass. Many of them have also commented how easy the glass is to clean, saving them time before they grab another cup.

Regarding the lid, most of the comments were positive especially around the moulded silicon lid that aids in the drinking of the coffee, as opposed to a straight flat lid. The only negative comments referring to the lid hinted towards the feel of the silicon on the customer’s lips, however they weren’t too fazed as many of them just drank their coffee with the lid off. As one customer said to me “it is easier to drink with the lid off, it is not like I’m going for a run or anything while I drink this!”

The Barista’s view.

I like this cup a lot. First and foremost is it is ease and ability for use with the coffee machine as it fits easily under the group head. This is extremely important, as time and espresso can be wasted if the coffee has to be extracted into another vessel first.

With all Joco coffee cups being glass, my job is made a lot easier as I can see the extraction from start until finish. This is extremely important when you have 20 coffees to make in a short time, on a four group machine and you are ensuring that the extraction of the coffee is perfect.

When the cup is cold the silicon band around the outside of the cup can be loose which may lead to issues picking it up, however, once the coffee is poured in, it seems to hold shape beautifully around the glass and is a good heat protector for the customer’s hand.

I was a little apprehensive of the lid at first, as with my first encounter, I wondered if the lid was actually on. Over time, I got a good feel for it so no issue there.

Joco the go-go?

Based on what I’ve experienced with this cup, I think it is a great reusable cup. Upon more research I found out that this company has partnered with an organisation call “Take 3 for the sea”, which is a company that works on removing plastic from the environment. More info can be found at

If you have a Joco cup, I would love to hear what you think about it. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, but the great thing is, it is once step to helping our environment.





18 Replies to “Joco coffee cups – A Barista’s perspective.”

  1. I may have to give the Joco cup a try. I adore a glass coffee mug, so this makes a lot of sense for me. I have an old ceramic travel mug that is my daily go-to, but it’s seen far better days and I don’t care much for coffee out of stainless steel. As a coastal resident, I’m also a big fan of Take 3. Did the Joco cup seem heavy for its size? The last glass travel mug I bought and tried was so heavy that it just sits abandoned in my cabinets.

    1. Susie, considering the solid feeling in the base of this cup, it did not feel too heavy. From a barista’s point of view, it seems a little lighted than some others I have come across.

  2. Great article Matt. I like any efforts to go green. I was wondering how well does this cup insulate the warm temperature of the coffee? Just like everyone else, I like my coffee warm and I usually drink a cup of coffee for at least 15 minutes or more.

    1. Ian, being glass, the insulation is not as great as stainless steel insulated varieties, however the silicon brand aids with the heat retention over some other glass vessels

  3. I used these portable cups the important thing for me is a solid lid if you are in the car or moving about.Great to see Joco Cup has partnered with a company that is helping the environment. i would not mind trying out this cup

    1. Nigel, The glass is a great factor. The lid on this model are fairly sturdy, however, being silicon they are not as firm as plastic so all depends how active you are with your cup.

  4. What a great review of this cup.
    I never heard about it before, it really looks nice and the features on it are truly amazing.
    By the way, great job on recommending products that make our World better.


  5. Nice sharing, Matt.
    My daughter bought me one last father’s day. I love the glass, it’s better than stainless, more pure and natural. Used to drink with lid off, never have a problem on the silicone band. Overall love it, good to the earth too.

    1. Brian, Yes I do find them personally better to drink from than the stainless. And I am also a lid off man. It makes me stop and drink rather than being on the run.

  6. Yay! I love all things eco-friendly, there are so many brands of reusable coffee cups, I love it! Thanks for putting them all together so I can work out which one is best for me and others 🙂

  7. I am one that needs coffee in the morning, especially when I’m on the go. I hate to use the disposable cup and am always on the hunt for a new coffee mug. Will be upgrading to a glass one like the one from this post. Thanks for the info.

  8. What a great mug (honestly). My old mug bit the bullet last year, so I went on a quest for a new mug. I wanted the all-metal ones, but my local coffee shop only had plastic mugs. With all the BPA scares with hot liquids in plastic, I steered clear of these, but the owner of the shop (great friend) got me a special one that is metal on the inside with plastic on the outside, so it doesn’t burn your hands (it’s like a metal sleeve insert). What’s really interesting is as you add coffee or tea, the heat activates the plastic which “lights up” with the cities where this coffee company does business. Really cool idea, plus I like mugs that are speaking points – I can’t tell you how many people have stopped and chatted me up when they see my mug.

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