Frank Green Coffee Cup

The Frank Green coffee cup seems to be another popular one that has come across my machines the last few months

The Frank Green Cup Range

The Frank Green reusable cups come in 3 ranges.

The Originals, the Stainless steel and the New Generation Visa pay wave. Designed and manufactured in Australia, they seem to be highly popular with people that are always on the go. The cups come in 3 sizes; 8oz, 12oz and the massive 25oz. Cannot think of too many people that would drink 25oz of coffee in one hit so I presume they are more for water.

What my customers think of the Frank Green Coffee Cup.

The customers I have spoken to are overall satisfied with this reusable cup. The lid was the most popular topic of conversation with this cup. The screw-down lid ensures that there are no leaks or spillages, which is great for people who put their cups in the handbags, or if they happen to topple over. The button on top can be quite stiff to push down to open, however I personally see this as a strength of workmanship and the material being a good quality. There seems to be a bit of engineering in the lid, so cleaning can be a small issue. It is worthy to note though, that the lid is not microwave safe.

The body of the Frank Green cup is slender and easy to hold. The grip on the outside of the cup is non-slip, so there is lesser a chance of dropping it. My customers believe that the heat retention is pretty good considering the Originals and the Next Generations are not stainless.

The main downside of the cup from a couple of customers is that if the lid is removed, it is quite uncomfortable to drink from. However, I am guessing with the design of the cup, the coffee is meant to be consumed with the lid on.

Although I don’t have it enabled currently in my store, the next generation pay wave varieties can be topped up with money and the lid can be scanned for payment of your coffee.

From a Barista’s point of view

I must admit, the Frank Green reusable cup is a good-looking unit. However, whatever you do, do not fill it past the designated line as once you screw the lid on, it all comes up through the lid (rookie mistake).

Due to the slender design, the 12oz variety do not fit under the group head which means you have to transfer the espresso from another vessel, when I actually prefer to pour it straight into the cup.

The slender design is fantastic however, especially when you have a number of them to stack into the tray as I find some other reusable cups a little bulky for cup carry trays.

Frank’s a Green way to go!

Overall, the Frank Green reusable cup is a winner with customers. The ability to source parts for the lid easily is quite simple as well. Frank Green has partnered with Earthwatch, an international environmental organisation that supports world-class research using a citizen science model. Every product sold, Frank Green donates a portion to this organisation. So not only are you as a customer saving the world, Frank Green is helping you to do that too!.





4 Replies to “Frank Green Coffee Cup”

  1. Matt,
    Thank you this sounds like the proper type of cup for those of use who must have our coffee on the go. I am always looking for a cup that will not leak or spill when I travel and must admit I take my coffee with me even to the grocery store. Serious addiction to coffee; on road trips I stop for gas and coffee as needed so as you can see a travel mug of this type fits my needs.
    Once again, thank you and looking for more travel products that might be useful for me.
    Susan 🙂

  2. I have one of these very expensive cups. The Max fill line is invisible especially under the shade of a group and under the pouring of busy baristas. So many times has this cup been overfilled which leads to mess, waste, time (!!) and frustration despite communicating with the cashier, baristas, staff etc.

    The lid is composed of at least 5 pieces. And can fit down the drain! I literally have to YouTube video the instructions for assembly. It’s a great strategy puzzle for those who have everything.

    Feeling low energy and craving chocolate I opted for a mocha. Mistake. The chocolate gets caught up in the lid pieces and you have to disassemble the parts after each use and soak and scrub the tiny pieces of plastic. Really not economical. I use my keep cup three time a day out and about and quickly rinse a lnd wash in between coffees. Cannot do this with a frank green cup at work, when busy, time poor ergo Take away cup!!! It’s a one use cup away from home.
    Although I do love the notion of a push lid, sipping the coffee is messy and it’s never a clean task, so you get sip spills and marks.

    The best thing about the coffee cup is the colour way aesthetic. All else is the worst. Wouldn’t recommend this.

    1. Rebekah, Thanks for stopping by and giving a review of the Frank Green reusable cup. I was aware of the line up the top as the first time I came across this cup, as a barista, I made that very mistake. It’s great to hear the other issues with this cup as I was not aware of the many parts issue! Thanks again. Regards, Matt

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