Collapsible Coffee Cup – Review from behind Barista Counter

Over the last few months, I noticed an increased in another style of reusable coffee cup coming over my counter. It is a collapsible coffee cup. Typically, these are made of silicone to ensure they can crush down. At first, I thought they were a bit of a gimmick, but they seem to be growing in popularity.

What do my customers think?

The reviews on these cups have been mainly positive. The silicone collapsible coffee cup pretty much folds down when not in use and ends up only being an inch thick. Obviously the main benefit of these cups is that they are extreme space savers. Easy to put in your glove-box of your car or a handbag.

My customers have told me that the heat retention is quite good considering the silicone body. Most of the models have a snap on lid which reduces any leakage and they have let me know that the best ones have a breathable hole on the opposite end of the mouth piece to ensure the flow of coffee is smooth when you sip it.

All the customers I have spoken to have told me that they do not seem to stain on the inside and there is no “plastic taste” associated with the cup.

From the Barista’s counter.

From a usability point of view, the silicone collapsible cup can take some getting use to. Unfortunately, it does not fit under most group heads if it is over eight ounces, so the espresso needs to be transferred from another vessel when putting it in the silicone collapsible cup.

The silicon body can make it a little tricky. As it is move able, care needs to be taken when fixing a lid on the cup. Usually the only safest place to hold the cup whilst attaching the lid, is the inch thick plastic band to ensure the coffee does not go everywhere. Pushing the cup down on the bench whilst fixing the lid is not recommended either as you may find the coffee going everywhere over the bench.

Can the Collapsible Cup catch on?

Overall, this is a great mug for those that enjoy the outdoors and camping. Being a major space saver, packing them are a breeze. My only concerns is that they seem a little top-heavy as the top is wider than the bottom. It will be interesting to see the lifetime of one of these cups. Silicon seems to last a long time and I would be interested to hear from anyone that has had one for a long period and if it has started to deteriorate.

I can see these type of reusable cups taking off in large company marketing promotions. They are great show bag fillers and the ability to brand is there.

Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on these cups if you have one.

Cheers Matt






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