Ceramic Keep Cup – The Ultimate Reusable Cup?

With the reusable cup market growing at a fast pace, it is sometimes hard to keep up with the latest trends in the eco-friendly world.

The Ceramic Reusable Cup

Well, it is probably the closest thing you are going to get to actually sitting in an espresso bar drinking out of the vessels supplied by the business.

Over the last few weeks I have noticed a growth in the ceramic reusable cup bought in by customers. Most of these customers have had other keep cups over the years including plastic ones, stainless steel, glass and silicone. From the feedback I have so far received, this style of keep cup seems to be the go to for most people.

What’s so good about these reusable cups?

These cups are ideal for people who are purists with their coffee consumption. With the cup being ceramic, there is no taste of foreign objects that can sometimes come with plastic or silicone reusable cups. Importantly, they don’t deteriorate either, which, for the health conscious, you know that over time you are only consuming the coffee, not the plastic or silicone that may be breaking down with constant use.

Most of the reusable ceramic cups come with a silicon lid. From my discussions with customers who have these cups, the silicone lids are really only to ensure the coffee does not spill. Most customers prefer to remove the lid before they drink the coffee.

Another positive of the ceramic reusable cup is the heat retention. The cups seem to hold the heat a lot better than glass or silicone, however Stainless steel models, still seem to have the edge over all of them though with regard to heat retention.

Are there criticisms of the ceramic reusable cup?

Probably the most complaints raised is the price. Most ceramic reusable cups are hand made by potters. You are not likely to find these types of travel cups on major internet stores as most of them are sourced from small owner operator stores, who have contracted potters that hand make them in small batches. However, there is usually a reason why they are more expensive, and that is the quality you’ll find in these reusable ceramic travel cups. There are a number of retailers in Australia who sell them, and my personal favourite is Guild of Objects in Fitzroy Melbourne. https://guildofobjects.com/

From a barista’s point of view, the only thing we need to check is the actual size of the cup. Although most potters try to make them 8oz and 12oz, with the cups being hand made, the size can vary. So it is essential that the barista checks the size before making the coffee to ensure the coffee is made with the right strength.

The only other weakness is the fragility. Ceramic does not bounce so it pays to look after your ceramic reusable coffee cup whilst you are carrying it!

Sure fired winner!

Many of my customers love the fact that their ceramic reusable cup is “one of a kid”. With each being hand made, every cup with have its own nuance.

Personally, I find the ceramic keep cup probably the best reusable cup to invest in. Many cafes now give a discount if you bring your own cup. Based on figures at my espresso bar, by the time you have used it 150 times, you have already paid for it. Oh and by the way, you’ve also saved 150 takeaway cups from going into landfill. Not sure there is a better way to help the environment and enjoy your favourite brew.




6 Replies to “Ceramic Keep Cup – The Ultimate Reusable Cup?”

  1. Ceramic cups sound like an awesome way to avoid all the health problems that come with drinking from stainless steel cups or even plastic cups. I have had coffee from plastic cups and I am always paranoid each and every time I drink from it. 

    How much of a discount will coffee shops give should you bring a ceramic coffee cup to them?

    1. Jessie, in Australia, many cafes are giving anywhere between $0.30 and $0.70 discount on a cup that may normally cost anywhere between $4 and $6 depending on size. The Responsible Cafe initiative https://responsiblecafes.org/  in Australia is working well with more cafes coming on board everyday. Not sure about other countries, but it is a great way for businesses to get customers if no one else has introduced the initiative. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I can understand using ceramics.  I work with herbs, and whenever you make something with a plant from nature, you also use a natural container, such as clay or ceramic.  The reason is as you stated…to keep your final result as pure as possible.  It seems like this was a trend that one might have seen coming, though the main drawback is that they are breakable.  However, when you use a cup at home, you likely have a favorite that you use all the time.  So why not one for travelling, too?  Sounds like a great idea.

  3. You just made me realize that I’m a ceramic cup fan just like my mother was before me. I have never asked the guy working in favorite coffee shop to put the coffee in my favorite ceramic cup. This is not common in Montreal. Not yet. But I’m pretty sure they would accept. It’s true that this type of cup keep your coffee warm a bit longer. Today there are so much different types of ceramic cups, starting from an affordable price to a pretty expensive handmade cup. Reading your article makes me feel great. Maybe this is my epicurean site who tries to express itself.

    1. Jo, thanks for stopping by. I’m pretty sure your cafe in Montreal might be business savvy enough to implement this with a little push along by his customers! After all, he will also be saving cost of stock in takeaway coffee cups that he has to purchase. Suggest you give him a little hint!

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