Caye Life – The ultimate Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Cup?

Over the last few weeks, I have seen a growing trend in the popularity of the Caye Life reusable cup. So I thought I would give this little fella a road test. Hailing from Melbourne Australia, this cup is starting to fill shelves around the country.

From the customer’s view

The customers I have spoken to regarding this reusable coffee cup have nothing but praise for it. The funky design is the first thing that you notice. It is well-rounded for easy grip and very stylish.

Practicality from a user’s perspective also is a two thumbs up. The cup itself is made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel. A huge leap up from the BPA free plastic, and a small step up from the glass varieties. Being doubled walled, the beverage keeps hotter for a longer period than most of its competitors and the inside is extremely easy to clean.

The lid itself is extremely simple to pull on or off and the rubber seal around the lid ensures that there is no leakage. Unlike other reusable cups, this cup is very easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

From behind the Barista’s counter

Well this little stylish cup proves to be a real pain under the coffee machine. Not only does it not fit under, but trying to put it on any angle will mean it will just roll away. So the only option is to pour the espresso into another vessel first and then transfer it to the reusable cup.

The other thing I have been checking with my customers is to ensure that their coffee is strong enough. The Caye Life reusable coffee cup holds a little more than the standard regular coffee we serve, so instead of a single shot, most customers now a stepping it up to a double ristretto or even double shot. In saying this, this is not a bad thing as it gives my staff and myself the ability to discuss the coffee with our customers creating a greater rapport going forward.

How does the Caye Life reusable cup stack up?

Overall, I give this reusable coffee cup a big tick. Other than being a good-looking unit, the doubled wall food grade stainless steel is a big thumbs up from me. The easy fit lid and user-friendly sipping lid is also a major plus. Many reusable cups that come across my counter are usually dirty from the last use, and these are extremely easy to clean, especially when we are in a rush period.

If you are using one of these reusable cups, please leave your thoughts in the comments section as I would love to hear from more users of the Caye Life cup.

Cheers Matt.





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