My Purpose

Welcome to The Eco Cup. This site is all about creating sustainability through environmentally friendly actions in the coffee environment and your everyday life. Here you will find reviews and options on reusable coffee cups, other matters pertaining to alternatives to waste options in the coffee industry and I even throw in some articles on coffee brewing and coffee brewing options.

A small brief about me.

As an owner of two espresso bars named Coffee Mamma, I’ve found that over the years, the amount of takeaway coffee cups that have been purchased through my stores is astronomical.

If I multiplied mine by the number of other espresso bars and coffee shops in the world, you can only start to imagine the amount of landfill this would create.

It’s only one cup……………said a million people.

With customers taking a greater interest in helping our environment, I answer questions on a daily basis of where reusable cups can be purchased, which ones are suitable, where can they be sourced and how much do they cost. I also get a lot of inquiries regarding coffee grounds, recycling etc.

To be truly informed on this matter, I would have to do my own research, which has led me to building this site.


What is my goal?

My purpose with this site is to show everyday coffee drinkers that there is a world of possibilities regarding reusable cups, environmentally friendly cups and small changes that you can make that can help our environment. If just one person per day, starts using a reusable coffee cup, that’s one less takeaway cup that goes into landfill. And in some cases, you actually get a discount at some cafes if you bring your own vessel.

Small changes lead to bigger positive outcomes. Which is why the saying; “But it’s only one cup………said a million people”, rings home.

Here’s to working towards a cleaner earth!

All the Best.



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